Top 5 Biggest Hacks of all time

Top 5 Biggest Hacks of all time

Hackers have for years been credited for some of the biggest geopolitical shifts in human history. The sheer vulnerability at the hands of skilled hackers is the topic of our discussion. Here in this article we will focus on five of the biggest hacks ever engineered.

  1. Stuxnet

When it comes to hacking, there are a number of different types. But there are some hacks that need to be researched further for the sheer tenacity and sophistication. The Stuxnet hack of 2010 is in a special league of infamous hacks, and at the time of its execution, it was touted to be the finest hack. The hack was said to be funded and operated by at least one sovereign nation. The hack involved the decommissioning of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. The hack was so intricate that one misstep could have completely decommissioned all the centrifuges in the world.

  1. OPM

The Office of personnel management of the United States Government came under the siege of nameless hackers at the start of 2013. But the government was only able to get the sniff of the attack in 2015; essentially giving the hackers well over two years to execute one of the biggest hacks the world has ever seen. The hackers obtained information of anyone associated with the United States Government since the 1960s. The sheer volume of the hack makes it quite infamous in the world of cybersecurity. The level of hacking was quite incredible as the hackers not only obtained information about ordinary individuals but also information about classified personnel that was in some way employed by the United States Government.

  1. FBI 2016

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is said to be among the most secure system in the government, and many believe that it is the torch bearer for cybersecurity in the government. But the hack of 2016 put the FBI and the government to absolute shame when news spread that a sixteen-year-old novice infiltrated the FBI’s secure servers and disseminated critical information about every undercover FBI officer in the United States on the Dark Web. The FBI faced a field trip with regard to the media having a ball when it came to light that the hacker was an amateur at best.

  1. Home Depot Hack

The simple reason of how this hack was made possible was due to the interconnected nature of the systems in Home Depot. The main systems at Home Depot need to be looked at as a central nervous system; the hackers gained access to one store and then worked their way through the system. The hackers were able to gain access to over 50 million credit cards in less than 24 hours from the 7000 cash registers that they gained access to. The hack is said to be the biggest retail credit card breach that was ever committed. The hack also highlighted the vulnerabilities of an interconnected neuron-like system.

  1. eBay Hack

The eBay hack was committed in 2014, but many experts would not put this on their lists of high-profile hacks. But on further research, we believe that this hack needs to be mentioned. The hack compromised personal information of over 145 million users; to put that into perspective, the OPM hack affected one-eighth of the eBay hack and the Ashley Madison hack affect one-fifth of the total compromised information from the eBay hack. The hack leads to many users getting depresses and some even going on to take their lives. In terms of financial damages, the eBay hack ranks quite low, but light needs to be thrown on the difficulties of losing secure personal information.

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